Contour Swan Comfort Pillow

Swan Pillow
  • This Pillow Helped Me!

    I've searched for the perfect pillow and finally I've found it! It's been over 2 weeks and I have no morning neck pain and the headache that comes with it. Try the contour swan pillow. You won't regret this weird-looking addition to your sleep routine

  • Contour Swan Pillow

    Absolutely the best sleep ever with this pillow! All-over body comfort, reduces pressure on knees, and ankles. Excellent support for head & neck.

  • This Pillow Changed My Life!

    Sleep like a log. No more waking up with a stiff neck!


Contour Flip Pillow

Swan Pillow
  • Contour Flip Pillow

    This special flip pillow is fantastic. I use it on the couch when I am reading and in bed. I will order another one so I have one for my legs. Great product.

  • Love this!

    I absolutely love this pillow!! I can sit up and watch tv or sleep on it and my neck doesn't hurt the next day.

    Kelly G.
  • A Two-Pillow Woman

    I have had my first pillow for almost a year. Use it every day. Finally, I got tired of moving the pillow from bed to sofa so ordered a second one. I have lower back issues that affect my legs so that nights especially are painful. I also have to sleep in an elevated position from recent surgery. This pillow is IT!

    Vickie P.
  • I love it-- helps me sleep!

    I love my pillow and pillow cover. I love the versatility. I feel like the Goldilocks character- I finally got that pillow that is not too soft, not too hard. IT IS JUST RIGHT!

    Denee C.

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