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Contour Comfort Swan Pillow

One pillow is all you need: Provides total sleep comfort

  • Amazing therapeutic support: Provides the ideal sleep posture
  • Aligns your head and neck
  • Comforts your shoulders
  • Cradles your back
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions: Perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers

The Contour Swan Body Pillow helps your customers sleep 7 ways better by providing:
  • Helps align your spine
  • Supports your neck
  • Supports your head
  • Reduces shoulder pressure
  • Cushions your knees
  • Relieves sore ankles & feet
  • Soothes your hip

Product Specifications & Details

Brand Contour
Color White
Type Sleeping Pillow
External Material Bamboo derived Lyocell cover
Filling Material Medium Firm Premium fibers
Model Name Swan Comfort Pillow

Features & Benefits