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Contour Back Relief Mattress Topper

Are you tossing & turning at night? Do you wake up in the morning greeted by back pain and soreness? That your body’s way of telling you that you are uncomfortable at night! Even if you spend thousands of dollars on a high end mattress, the truth is, you are still sleeping without proper alignment & support causing pressure points, joint rotations, and overall discomfort.

Since the introduction of the Contour Cloud Mattress Topper®, originally seen on TV in the 90’s, we have been providing millions of people with a better night’s sleep! The patented design of the Contour Cloud foam mattress topper is the only one with built in lumbar support, providing you (and your back) the comfort you need for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Enhances new mattresses and rejuvenates old, saggy mattresses to provide you to comfort wherever you sleep!
  • Gentle-Flex™ technology allows the top layer to conform to your natural body curves, distributing your weight evenly, and alleviating pressure points
  • Cooling channels promote airflow to allow heat to escape and move away from your body, giving you a cooler night’s sleep
  • Patented 3 Layer design with built in lower back lumbar support for back & side sleepers promotes natural spinal alignment to instantly relieve discomfort associated with back aches & pain, muscle strain, body soreness & spinal stress
  • Backed by 3 different scientific sleep studies so you know you're getting the best mattress topper available.

Product Specifications & Details

Product Dimensions: Twin: 76L x 35W x 2.5H
Full: 76L x 50W x 2.5H
Queen: 76L x 56W x 2.5H
King: 76L x 72W x 2.5H
Full: 76L x 50W x 2.5H
Queen: 76L x 56W x 2.5H
King: 76L x 72W x 2.5H
Product UPC: Twin: 737709000337
Full: 737709000344
Queen: 73770900351
King: 737709000368
Product Material: Memory Foam, Poly Foam